Brawl Stars v38.111 MOD APK (Unlimited & Unlocked All)

App Name Brawl Stars
Publisher Supercell
Size 211M
Latest Version 38.111
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Requires Android 4.3 and up
MOD Free
Genre Strategy
Developer Supercell
Update 7 days ago


A game with many exciting game modes that can attract any player and requires coordination between teammates is Brawl Stars. Players will be able to fully access the gameplay of this game and experience it with their friends. At the same time, in the new updates, players will be able to find impressive new skins, added mode, and a battle pass for you to try in the game.


Players will appear in a world with an enjoyable design to meet characters with different shapes and weapons. The environment in this game is quite diverse, with many different environmental elements that players can take advantage of for their attack tactics. Simultaneously, the environment size also completely changes depending on the mode they experience in this game. It can be said that this comes from the richness in gameplay that Brawl Stars brings.

The character will move inside the 2.5D environment and use the joystick to move inside it with other players freely. At the same time, each character has a basic attack and a special attack to use in some cases. With a top-down perspective, players will spend time observing the surrounding environment to orient their attacks in a completely reasonable way towards the opponent. It can be said that the control mechanism is entirely accessible to the player.


At the start of Brawl Stars, players will go through a tutorial to get acquainted with some game mechanics. Essential and easily accessible points include movement, normal attack, and the use of special skills. At the same time, the character’s normal attack will not incorporate the element of self-direction. In other words, you will need to orient your weapon, and the bullets will automatically fire. You can also press the fire button to attack the nearest enemy.

After you complete the tutorial level, you will enter the first level against the other players. Specifically, each team has three characters in the primary game screen, and the two sides will try to defeat each other to win gems in the game screen. The goal of the game screen is straightforward that each team will try to capture as many gems as possible and wait for the moment when the game announces the countdown. Therefore, this can be seen as a way of playing that needs coordination from team members.

Each player will be able to hold a certain number of gems, and there is no limit. But one thing that you will need to pay attention to is that the gems you collect earlier will drop if you die in the match. Therefore, this element requires the two sides to have the right tactics and defeat the enemy to get their goal. They will take advantage of the characteristics of the weapon and the environment to do this. You will like that the character will become challenging to see when mixed in the grass.


Gems collection mode in Brawl Stars is the primary mode that players will get acquainted with first, and gradually more exciting gameplay will be opened before your eyes. You will take the time to experience the fun it brings, and you will certainly not get bored while experiencing them. At the same time, depending on the game mode, the number of players will also change. So sometimes you can play with your friends or try to survive in a survival mode. The mode that you will enjoy while playing this game is the showdown mode. This mode works similar to a survival game where the player will explore the environment and sometimes encounter certain enemies. The environment in it also becomes wider to move freely in it and find a certain number of crates. Its goal is quite simple: to become the winner by defeating all the remaining enemies on the field.

A new model has just been updated with a theme related to a sport that is Brawl Ball, with rules similar to football. But one thing that you need to pay attention to is that the environment in the game is still not too different, and you still have your weapon to attack the enemy. So you will find a way to get to the opponent’s goal if you are the one holding the ball and try to score points for your team. All modes require specific skills from the player.